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W-Lamp. A brilliant idea.

Where does a brilliant idea come from? And above all, the idea of W-Lamp come to be? Easy: with the ability to see things beyond what they are or who they appear to be. From wine bottle gift box to object of design, the transition was as simple as it was elegant. Obviously we don’t say this ourselves, but rather we are told so by the growing demands we receive from a market that continually looks for iconic objects that are accessible to everyone.

W-Lamp removes paper from its traditional areas of employment, broadening its spectrum of application, and combines it with innovative technologies. W-lamp’s catalog is currently comprised of roughly 80 different models, divided into categories. Attention to detail is one of our strengths: our product packaging is made of recycled cardboard, and we choose our paper with great care, in close collaboration with leading Italian paper producers.

The end result is a product that combines the creativity of a dedicated staff with the application of the most advanced production technologies.

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